Lomography DIANA+ wide/close-up lense 55mm


Exklusiv für die Diana+ designed sind diesen beiden Linsen.

Never have two absolutely devastating all-plastic medium format lenses been engineered to work together in perfect harmony. First off, the Wide Lens provides a focal length roughly equivalent to a 34mm lens on a standard 35mm camera. Which is very close to the perspective of our very own Minitar 1 lens â?' the shining jewel of every Lomo LC-A+ camera. The overall effect is a pleasing wider-than-normal view with that same classic Diana+ vignetting, selective focus, and dazzling color saturation that all we all adore. Next, the included Close-Up adapter slides onto your 55mm Lens and allows you to shoot everything at 15cm (about 6 inches) away. Images are dripping with color and shallow depth of field: meaning that a tiny bit of foreground is in focus against a soft and creamy blurred background. Includes accessory viewfinder, viewfinder mount, and lens caps. NOTE: The Close-Up Lens requires the 55mm Lens to work, and is not sold separately.

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